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Essentially Local March-April 2020

Welcome to the latest edition

Have you found the balance in life to achieve your goals?

If not, I’m certain you’ll find the latest edition of Essentially Local very useful, whether you read it in print or digitally. As usual, the magazine is full of useful information, a fantastic competition, some great offers and of course, it’s the best place to find a local business.

Motivating March, Taking Action April

We hope you haven’t lost your motivation to achieve your goal this year! The winner of the Happy Bodies Personal Training and Gym Membership competition certainly hasn’t. Of course, if you are looking to get back on track take a look on pages 14-15. ¬†The ideas should help you to find a way to fight the problems of avoidance and letting things get in the way.

Cleaning up Your Eating

Food trends are definitely seeing us eat much healthier food. Avoid the obsessive diets and other fads by simply chosing a clean eating approach. Generally speaking, this approach is about eating thoughtful, fresh, wholesome foods and avoiding processed products. You don’t need to think about good and bad foods and treats are acceptable. Find out more on pages 20. Local producers are far more likely to fit into the right categories!

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We deliver our fab magazine to residents and business owners of north Milton Keynes, parts of Towcester, Wolverton and surrounding villages who love to read it to find local businesses and useful local information.  Unsurprisingly over 70% of the population prefer to read magazines and newspapers like ours and 61% take action. Therefore, if you like our latest edition and run a small business give us a call to find out how you can advertise.

Inside you will find

  • lots of useful businesses and services
  • events to take part in
  • some interesting articles
  • helpful information about local businesses
  • some amazing talent
  • our competition – don’t forget to enter.

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