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Salt has been used for medicinal purposes like gargles or skin scrubs for years. It is because doctors and scientists have recognised the value of its natural disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Salt therapy or halotherapy is less well understood but it disperses small particles of salt into the air that people breathe in.

Polish salt miners rarely had lung problems. Doctors also saw improvements in 2nd World War patients who hid in salt caves. Now, Dr Norman Edelman, Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association believes it could be more than a placebo.

It could be that salt particles kill off micro-organisms in the lung. Alternatively the salt could reduce inflammation and decrease mucus. Others believe that inhaled salt particles draw water into the airways to thin out mucus making coughs more productive and less stressful.

Salt Clinic MK was a last resort for local woman Cynthia T, but she now wishes she’d found it sooner. Months of a gut-wrenching cough and numerous hospital visits left Cynthia desperate. She booked three treatments a week, before reducing to twice. She doesn’t know how it worked but each week of treatment led to steady improvement. Now, she attends once or twice a week to help reduce her catarrh and a sore throat (a reaction to medication). It might not be a full cure, but the relief along with the relaxing sessions make a huge difference to her life and wellbeing. Cynthia now recommends salt therapy to everyone she meets.

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