Thornton College Teachers Awarded for Excellence in Learning

Thornton College saw challenging times over the past year as the pandemic took hold. Like many other local education centres, Thornton College staff aimed to minimise distruption to their students’ learning. They’ve certainly succeeded.

Hard Work Pays Off
Thornton College Win Awards for excellence in Online learning

Staff worked hard and their efforts have paid off. They won 2 National Categories in the ISA Excellence in Remote Learning Celebration 2021. The Indepent Schools Association (ISA) launched the Nationwide Celebration of Remote Learning 2021 directly in response to the pandemic.

The ISA invited their 559 member schools to submit online learning lessons in 4 categories. These categories covered Arts, STEM, Sports and one other. Thornton College entered 3 recorded live online lesson submissions and won two of the four categories:

  • Miss Rigby’s year 11 Drama Lesson – ‘Too Much Punch For Judy’.
  • Mrs Sablon’s year 4 Science Lesson – ‘Mrs Nerg – On the Line’
Miss Rigby Overcomes Challenges

Zoom has proven to be challenging for staff and students around the country so this is a great achievement. Miss Rigby, Head of Drama and year 7, said that along with all the other staff, she tried to deliver the full curriculum in an exciting and engaging way. She explained that performing in front of an entire class is never easy. Zoom definitely takes that to the next level. Over lockdown, her students created beautiful, moving and in many cases hilarious drama pieces.

One of Miss Rigby’s year 11 students nominated her. She feels this shows just how much they appreciated her efforts. However, thrilled as she is she also feels it is a reflection on her fabulous students too.

Mrs Sablon’s Enthusiasm is Catching

Mrs Sablon’s ‘lovely, long-suffering class’ clearly love her jokes, as terrible as she thinks they are, as well as her weird and wonderful lessons. In turn, she appreciates their enthusiasm for learning. However, Mrs Sablon does not take all the credit. She is keen to remind us of the efforts of the entire staff body. Having said that, she is honoured to win the excellence in remote learning award.

What the Head’s Say

Louise Shaw, Deputy Head, explained how thrilled everyone at Thornton College is to have won the two categories. She said, “These awards are richly deserved. They reflect the resilience and inspired creativity that girls and staff continued to show through such challenging times. Our submissions really captured the spirit of our community. We are delighted that ISA have recognised this” Dr Louise Shaw, Deputy Head.

Mrs Val Holmes, Head Teacher, equally delighted, offered congratulations to her winners. “Special congratulations to our winners – Miss Rigby and Mrs Sablon and to all the staff. Our amazing students did not miss a day of learning during lockdown. Now, they can truly claim to be remote learning experts!”

 Thornton College would also like to recognise their students. From ages from 3 – 18 years, they have shown such positivity and enthusiasm during online learning. 

Even More Awards!

In addition to these awards, Thornton College also achieved:

  • Winner of the Independent Schools of the Year Award 2020 for its Student Careers Programme
  • Finalist (Final three top schools) from hundreds of entries in the ISA Awards for Outstanding STEM Provision.  

The online excellence wins add to the success that the school has achieved this year. It definitely cements the school’s position as the only leading boarding and day Independent School for girls in the area!

Thornton College consistently ranks in the Sunday Times top 10 non-selective schools in the UK.

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