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Spring is the season to begin preparing your garden and lawn for summer. Do it right and you’ll have a gorgeous green space to be proud of.

Effective Fertilising and Weed Control

The GreenThumb NutraGreen Spring treatment provides your lawn with a great start to the season. It’s a controlled-release fertiliser that delivers the essential nutrients into your lawn slowly and consistently. It lasts for up to 10 weeks, uses no-scorch technology and makes the grass plants grow stronger and more robust as well as boosting the vibrant green colour. The nutrients are released when moisture such as early morning dew and rain makes contact with the special polymer coating These fertilisers have been developed from over 30 years experience on lawn treatments and are unique to GreenThumb so you won’t find them anywhere else.

The GreenThumb Spring Treatment also includes a targeted weed-control herbicide spray. When troublesome weeds infest the lawn your turf will have to compete for sunlight, water, air and nutrients. A weed-ridden lawn never looks as good. However, the result of the NutraGreen duo is a beautiful, green and healthy lawn, free from weeds.

Essential Moisture

GreenThumb’s Oasis Treatment is designed to effectively conserve water by increasing absorption of any available moisture, from rain or watering. Grass is 93% water and will die if it hasn’t been able to absorb any, so give your lawn a drink early in the morning or late in the evening. Remember, a yellow and dry appearance in hotter drier weather is a sign that it may be lacking moisture.

Routine Mowing

GreenThumb advise to mow once a week on a dry day to a height of about 25mm (one inch). Cut the lawn too short and it’ll weaken, attracting unwanted weeds and moss. Keep your mower blades sharp, or replace them if necessary, to avoid damaging the grass plant. Consistent mowing helps to train the grass to be stronger over time. GreenThumb’s SlowMow Treatment reduces the vertical growth of grass yet increases lateral growth and improves the density of the lawn. This reduces the amount of lawn mowing and a thicker lawn discourages weeds.

Perfect Lawn

GreenThumb are experts in advising when a lawn needs treatment or when to begin again. For a perfect green space Green Thumb’s Lawn Makeover programme will create a luxurious lawn that is superior to re-turfing. It’s a fraction of the cost, time and inconvenience and unlike laid turf, a Lawn Makeover is grown within the lawn’s environment. The system uses GreenThumb’s bespoke ‘Diamond Green’ grass seed with 100% organic, weed-free, recycled top-dressing.

GreenThumb treatments are tailored with the greatest care for the UK’s lawns. They have solutions to transform any piece of grass, whatever the size or condition into a healthy, fresh and beautiful lawn.

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