Ultra5K a new take on a running race … are you up for the challenge?

Ultra5K a new take on a running race doesn’t involve water or obstacles, just pure running.  It is coming to Box End Park, near Kempston in Bedfordshire, on Sunday 16th July 2017.

The event format

The format is simple, but challenging.
There are four options on race day…
• Ultra5k individual 5 – 5 x 5k races on the hour every hour for 5 hours.
• Ultra5k individual 3 – 3 x 5k races on the hour every hour for 3 hours.
• Ultra5k 5 person team relay – 5 people run one 5K race each.
• Ultra5k 3 person team relay – 3 people run one 5K race each.

During the race, each participant will have access to nutrition, food and drink to keep energised, as well as soft tissue/sports massage to help prepare for the next part of the race. All included in the entry fee.

What’s Ultra5K all about?

“We are determined to give the runners a great race experience,” commented Ken Parsons, the race organiser.  “We also want to ensure that all the participants walk away from the event satisfied that they’ve had value for money.”

The five-race options (both individual and relay) will start at 9am, the three-race options starting at 11am, and all finishers will receive a medal. The winner of each race will be the fastest cumulative time over the five or three race formats.

“Working with fun runners and elite runners alike,” said Ken, “we sensed they were looking for something different to your average 5k, 10k or half marathon. Not to replace them, as the are the lifeblood of amateur running, but to enhance what is available and give another option. In particular, runners were indicating they wanted something different that didn’t involve obstacles and water, unless it’s raining!”

Ken also believes that there is a frustration that quite a few events are putting profit before participant experience. “Promises of ‘goodiebags’ that really turn out to be ‘baddy bags’ with a green tea bag, leaflets and an energy gel don’t really cut it amongst the running fraternity. Granted, race organisers are running a business and need to make a profit, but there has to be a balance between profit and race experience.”

So what are you waiting for? Book early to take advantage of the discounted entry fee. Places are limited so get in there fast!

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