Vegetable of the Edition

Carrots are an amazing vegetable. You’ll benefit from an array minerals, vitamins and antioxidants contained within these roots. Think A, C, K and B8, potassium, iron and folate and more and you’ll find endless health benefits – including reducing the risk heart attacks, reducing cholesterol and helping your vision. If you are worried about looking older, carrots are your friend as they apparently reduce the ageing of cells and skin.

Over 100 varieties are on offer coming in a choice of purple, red, black, white and yellow as well as orange. There are different shapes and sizes too and they’re incredibly drought resistant. It takes between 12-16 weeks from sowing to harvesting.

There are options for growing even in the smallest garden as they grow well in deep pots. Sow them outside from April right up to July – check the variety first though. Remove weeds without damaging the leaves as this will attract carrot fly. Fleece and other barriers are essential to prevent them from laying eggs and destroying your crop.

Once picked eat them, store them or freeze them for later but most of all enjoy them!

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