Welcome to the 4th year of the Essentially Local 2018 Drawing Exhibition. 

Please take your time to look around at all the fantastic works of art at our Annual Children’s Drawing Exhibition .  Every year we are amazed by and proud of the young artists who put so much thought and effort into their pictures. And, for me every child who has submitted a picture is a winner. This exhibition is to show young people that their efforts pay off and can be celebrated.

I love to look at the choice of colours, the imagination, words and how the child constructs their picture. Parents and carers may apologise for the wrong colour, the piece of paper not being filled or strange perspectives. Our view is that it makes the picture even more special.

We want to encourage and help to nurture the desire to simply have a go.  You don’t need to be the greatest artist – it is about seeing what happens when you put pen to paper. The children have succeeded by submitting a picture so please encourage your child to have that go!


Look out for our December FaceBook Advent. We post one to two pictures every day on the Essentially Local Facebook Page and make a few comments. We’d ask that you also take a look and give some positive feedback and a like or three or four to everyone.



When asked how we judge a four-year-old against a twelve-year-old in Annual Children’s Drawing Exhibition,  I ‘draw’ on the wise words of one my judges. Over time he has taught me so much about how powerful art really is, thank you Trevor Jeavons! He never looks at a picture to see drawing skill of the artist (although he appreciates it), he tells us all to consider:

“how the picture makes you feel and what your heart says.” 


And now for a few words of thanks to:

  • All the young artists for entering
  • Skills Arts Materials for always helping with these competitions
  • Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council for being so supportive
  • Stony Stratford Library for embracing everything we do.
  • Stony Sweet Shop for having been there from the beginning to help.

What we do

Essentially Local Ltd produces a bi-monthly magazine that promotes local businesses and services to local people.  We aim to show that by staying, working and supporting all things local the whole community  benefits in so many ways.  Join the community and keep your business local.

Who could have ever imagined how important this competition would become?

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