Winter Car Check-list

Cars are twice as likely to break down in the winter, so be prepared with checks:

Washer fluid levels – use screen wash to prevent jets freezing.

Exterior lights – are they working and clean?

Tyres – check for wear and correct pressure.

Batteries – don’t like cold and damp weather. New one start from approx. £35.00

Antifreeze – top up to prevent the engine from freezing.

Phone – keep it charged.

First Aid Kit – keep it up-to-date.

Road Atlas – a back-up if your Sat Nav fails.

Ice-scraper – clear windscreens before driving to stay legal!

Reflective warning triangle – warns others of a problem.

High Vis jacket – keeps you visible to other road users.

Before going on a long journey:

Fill the fuel tank, check the oil and coolant levels, tyre pressure and lights. Pack a torch, blanket, warm clothes and sturdy shoes just in case.

Winter checks are available from

G&G Autos

01908 565790

Saxon Bridge

Bletchley: 01908 465555
Woverton: 01908 311886

Stratford Motorists Centre

01908 262848

It’s worth it!

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